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September 2009

Natural & Clean, The Perfect Party Guest

The Christmas cleaning countdown is upon us and it is time once again to open our doors to friends and families. The guests are invited, the menu is developed, activities are organised and soon guests will arrive, ready to be entertained. No other preparation is more important than providing your guests with a clean and comfortable place to relax over the festive period. Taking the time to ensure your home is ready for guests can be intimidating for even the most seasoned housekeeper without professional help from Natural & Clean.

Natural & Clean understand how important it is for you to have a clean home, especially around Christmas, but time is often too precious to waste. Requiring minimal effort, Natural & Clean leaves your home sparkling, fresh and clean, creating the perfect Christmas atmosphere.

Now Natural & Clean are able to relieve much of that stress and pressure up and down the country with their innovative range of environmentally friendly dry cleaning products. With minimum effort the Natural & Clean dry carpet cleaner can have a carpet spotless and ready for immediate use in no time. The year’s build up of grime in those tricky spots that are normally easy to ignore can be removed with one quick dab with a Natural & Clean spot remover wipe, instantly brightening any room, leaving plenty of time for decorating the tree and cooking the ham.

Christmas has passed, leaving in its wake numerous nasty surprises; a red wine stain on the sofa, cleverly hidden by a scatter cushion during the chaos of Christmas cheer. An obtrusive smell wafts from the kitchen bin; left over from an abundance of rich and indulgent feasts, and the carpet had certainly seen better days before the endless stream of chattering party guests arrived, treading half of Britain’s winter countryside in with them.

Year on Year, January brings with it revitalised resolutions and new beginnings. With Natural & Clean, you will hardly have to lift a finger to create a clean, bright start to your new year.

January is indeed the perfect opportunity for a thorough clean. However, with so many carpet and upholstery cleaning products available, each offering their own guarantees and promises, it is difficult to know what product will give the best result with minimal effort and fuss.

Thanks to Natural & Clean, the task of cleaning up after Christmas can be undertaken with ease and efficiency, and with minimum disruption and cost.  The UK’s leading dry carpet and upholstery cleaning specialist, Natural & Clean, have a range of products that care for your home and the environment which are ideal for the post-Christmas clean.

Dry cleaning is an effective means of removing spots and spills from carpets and upholstery.  The method does not use any water, meaning carpets can be walked on immediately after cleaning and they do not need to be left to dry – a great bonus in the winter.  By using a dry method, the risks associated with using water to clean carpets, such as over-wetting, are eliminated.  Shrinkage and mould are also not an issue with a dry method.

Through the use of products from the Natural & Clean range, no harmful toxins are introduced into the atmosphere of the home, making them safe for both the environment and for your family. At the heart of the Natural & Clean philosophy lies the commitment to the manufacture and distribution of the finest quality, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and easy and quick to use cleaning solutions for use within the home.

Products such as Dry Carpet Cleaner Microsponges are a 100 per cent, recycled, biodegradable, natural product.  The microsponges act like a sponge in the kitchen. Once agitated into carpets using a brush, the microsponges absorb and hold onto dirt, spots and spills until they are vacuumed away leaving the carpet clean, fresh, odour free and ready for immediate use.

Foaming Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner acts in much the same way as the microsponges, absorbing dirt, spots and spills, then drying to a crystal-like form so as to prevent further marks, whilst also enabling the product to be vacuumed away with the dirt it has absorbed.

The Natural & Clean Bin Deodoriser destroys odours in all bins and waste disposal units using a naturally occurring formation of microbes, which attack the cause of the odour, quickly neutralising and removing it.

Whoops a-daisy!Is a biodegradable formation of powder, which absorbs liquid and changes to a gel for a rapid response to all body spillages such as blood, urine or vomit. After just three minutes, the spillage can be removed by vacuum or brush and pan making it an ideal tool for dealing with messes made by all generations.

Spot Remover Wipes and Spray are for harder to remove, more stubborn spots and spills. Especially if not noticed until long after a party ended, unsightly spots and spills become increasingly difficult to remove.  By using the Spot Remover before the Dry Carpet Cleaner Microsponges, spots and spills caused by excessive Christmas cheer or spilt canapés will disappear with ease and minimal effort.

Carpet and Fabric Deodoriser absorbs smells from carpets and upholstery such as stale alcohol spillages and various party messes, whilst Pet Spot and Odour Eliminator rids of any smells and spots which pets may accidentally leave behind.

Natural & Clean is suitable for all makes of carpet. It does not compromise the stain resist qualities of man-made synthetic carpets and is also suitable for all natural carpets, including Sisal.  Natural & Clean products carry the Woolsafe logo, letting consumers know that the range is safe to use on all wool carpets.

Natural & Clean’s environmentally developed range caters for the Christmas aftermath. Using the Natural & Clean products mean that the post-Christmas clean up is a slightly less arduous task to tackle, and you can be assured that the products will care for your home, family and the environment. Dry Carpet Cleaner and the Spot Remover are now available to buy in Tesco’s, making it even easier for Natural & Clean to seamlessly become a part of your post-Christmas clean up.

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